Soft blush pink and Fermob's willow green make a delightful combination in the Parisian courtyard of Des Petits Hauts.

French design house Heju transformed the courtyard of a ready-to-wear boutique near the Marais district in Paris. Colour and texture have been used to great effect creating different spaces while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

 Soft pink tiles create a platform for relaxing. Set against a back drop of a centuries old stone wall, adding a soft, feminine yet contemporary contrast. 

Luxembourg Low Armchairs in willow green add to the whimsical feel while inviting you to sit and relax in this charming space.

The soft pink tiles give way to a border of white pebbles and lush perennials with simple japanese stone steps creating the transition to a dining space where raw concrete adds an urban twist.

With colour and texture abound in the floor surfaces and walls the designers have selected complimentary willow green for all furniture and maintained this across both spaces.

Overall the effect is simple and feminie - perfect for a stylish Parisian boutique.

About the designers - Heju comprises Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmannan, an architectural duo mixing Japanese and Scandinavian influences from their studio in Paris. In addition to designing shopfronts and apartments the pair produce limited edition items and most recently published a book titled Design It Yourself. A collection of designer DIY projects for every room of your home, from decorative objects to furniture, plus tricks to create a clean interior punctuated with light wood, graphic patterns and pastel touches. For more on this project and others take a wander through their blog.