Neutrals are breaking free from the constraints of white, grey and beige.

Enter reds, blues and greens - neutral is being redefined as something much more pigmented and bold. These are the interiors trends but I would suggest these tones have always been neutrals in the garden.

A neutral colour by it's definition is without colour but I'm not sure that's what many of us mean when we think neutral. When we say we are looking for something neutral it often means something harmonious or without contrast. 

By it's very nature your garden is outdoors and often surrounded by earthy tones - large sways of planting, ocean views, blue skies and a variety of browns from tree trunks to timber decks. In these settings your harmonious colours are in these natural palettes.

Folding Fermob garden setting for two in Cactus colour

Dune chairs with a Bistro table in Cactus blend effortlessly with the surroundings.

What you may define as neutral for your interiors - soft, calming tones of white and grey - often create contrast in the garden whereas the greens, blues and earthy reds create harmony and a soft, calming vibe when they are in harmony with their surroundings.

Outdoor dining setting in cactus, cotton white, and ice mint colours fron Fermob

Cactus connects this Luxembourg dining setting to the coutyard plantings.

The neutral in the above space is most definately the Cactus - blending beautifully with the planting and the decking. While the Cotton White and Ice Mint almost provide a pop of bright colour.

With many designers agreeing that black is now a neutral and the proliferation of dark charcoal or black cladding being used now colours such as Anthracite, Deep Blue and Acapulco Blue can become a neutral. 

Outdoor furniture on deck

Mixing deep dark tones softens the overall scheme. In nature you find varying shades, replicate this for a harmonious palette.

While shades of the earth such as Red Ochre and Nutmeg make the perfect neutral in some settings. Particularly when you add the warmth of timber slats and an eclectic collection of chairs.

Metal folding outdoor dining table and chairs in a rustic setting

Combining Red Ochre with Nutmeg and Cactus creates a harmonious, neutral palette.

So when extending your neutral palette from indoors to out think about using the tones naturally present in your garden to create that soft, haromious and neutral scheme. And explore the full Fermob colour chart to discover your perfect neutral.