Colour Mixing Guide

Maybe the idea of matching outdoor furniture colours appeals to you, but perhaps you're still unsure about shades and combinations?

It can be difficult to know where to start with colour so we have devised a guide to get you going. These tips will help you balance the urge to be original and the overall harmony of your scheme.

We work constantly on colour, and know a bit about the combinations that create harmony. But it's even more important to tailor your choices to your living space - and to what you really fancy!

We have arranged the colours into groups which helps you imagine how colours might work together and where to use them:


A neutral foundation colour is ideal for tables - and lets you play across the spectrum with your chairs!


Powdery and refined pastel colours are stylish and discreet, while providing a splash of colour and brightness

Intense Colours

Small touches of these deep hues will spice up your set and customise it

Bright Colours

Vibrant and full of pep, our bright colours will light up your set, making it completely unique

The Recipes

Here are a few simple recipes to get you started:

Example 1 - A Pastel + a Base

Example 2 - A Pastel + an Intense

Example 3 - A Base + a Bright + a Pastel