Jardin is the New Zealand partner for Fermob, an innovative, fun and colourful French outdoor furniture brand

Cocotte Low Table from Cocotte Collection Cocotte Low Table

Cocotte Low Table

Surprising Outdoor Lounge chair with foot stool from Surprising Collection Surprising Lounger

Surprising Lounger

Basket High Planter from Basket Planter Collection Basket High Planter

Basket High Planter

The Fermob Brand

For over 25 years, Fermob has been designing and manufacturing metal outdoor furniture that is full of "joie de vivre".

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Fermob Colour Chart

From bold and bright to neutral and natural, our palette of 24 colours allows you to tailor your colour choices to your outdoor space

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Bistro Outdoor Folding Chair from Bistro Outdoor Furniture Bistro Folding Chair

Bistro Folding Chair

1900 Outdoor Chair from 1900 Garden Furniture 1900 Chair

1900 Chair

Mooon! Lamp from Mooon! Collection Mooon! Lamp

Mooon! Lamp