Transforming Workspaces with Nature. In the midst of a remarkable shift in the concept of workspaces, a wave of innovative projects is emerging.

Driven by the integration of outdoor environments and a deep commitment to biophilic design principles,these visionary endeavours not only prioritize creativity, collaboration, and well-being but also exemplify a profound connection with nature and sustainable practices.

In this article, we delve into three exceptional projects—The Department Store Studios in Brixton, Bespoke Co. in Hamburg, and Hier in Belgium—each showcasing a unique and transformative approach to harnessing the potential of biophilic design within workspaces.

The Department Store Studios

The Department Store Studios, a project by the visionary architectural firm Squire & Partners, has revitalized Brixton's vibrant neighbourhood with an exceptional concept. This innovative endeavour transforms a former department store into a multifunctional space that seamlessly blends work, culture, and community. The studios offer a range of private and shared spaces where artists can work in an inspiring environment, featuring ample natural light, lofty ceilings, and various tools and equipment to support artistic practices.

Fermob Bistro tables and chairs at Up Brixton Studios

Research has shown that exposure to nature in the workplace can enhance productivity, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Cafe style outdoor furniture allows teams to harness these benefits.

Beyond individual studios, communal areas are provided to the users if this space, fostering collaboration, idea exchange, and a sense of community among artists. These spaces also serve as venues for workshops, exhibitions, and events, further encouraging artistic growth and engagement.

Research suggests that incorporating biophilic elements, such as plants, into work and study environments can improve productivity, focus, and creativity.

Squire & Partners have embraced biophilic design principles in The Department Store Studios, creating a deep connection with nature. The incorporation of greenery, ample daylight, and the integration of art galleries, event spaces, and a rooftop bar provide professionals with dynamic outdoor areas that inspire and rejuvenate.

Fermob Bistro furniture on rooftop at Up Brixton Studios

The presence of greenery is known to have a positive psychological impact, promoting a sense of tranquillity and well-being. Further enchance these benefits by selecting furniture in colours inspired by nature.

By merging artistic expression, productivity, and biophilic design, The Department Store Studios redefine the traditional concept of workspaces. Squire & Partners' expertise in spatial design and architectural innovation is evident in the seamless fusion of art, work, and nature, revolutionizing professionals' daily experience.

Fermob Luxembourg Low Armchairs at Up Brixton Studios

Views to the outside are a key element in biophilic design as they provide a direct connection to the natural world.

Bespoke Co.

Bespoke Co. in Hamburg is a renowned creative agency and design studio known for its personalized and distinctive approach to branding, marketing, and visual communication. With a strong emphasis on artisanship and meticulous attention to detail, Bespoke Co. offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses and individuals develop captivating and unique brand identities.

Situated in the bustling city of Hamburg, Bespoke Co. has become a thriving centre for creative solutions that cater to the diverse needs of its clients. The studio's team comprises skilled designers, strategists, and marketers who collaborate closely with clients to deeply understand their vision, goals, and target audience.

Natural light is a fundamental element in biophilic design, contributing significantly to the overall concept.

Incorporating natural light is a fundamental aspect of biophilic design, as it plays a significant role in establishing a connection with the outside world and bringing elements of nature into the built environment. Biophilic design principles also embrace the use of natural colours, such as earthy tones found in brickwork.

In Hamburg's bustling cityscape, Bespoke Co. stands out by offering tailor-made outdoor workspaces grounded in biophilic design principles. This visionary project acknowledges the individual preferences of professionals and empowers them to customize their work environments while embracing nature.

Incorporating images of plants through artwork, murals, photographs, or patterns can visually represent nature and evoke a sense of biophilia.

Through a meticulous consultation process, individuals can curate natural elements, including plants and biophilic materials, to enhance their connection with the outdoors. The integration of wellness areas and communal spaces further promotes biophilic experiences, fostering collaboration and rejuvenation.

Including seating options within a courtyard encourages people to relax, socialize, and connect with nature. The Luxembourg range in Deep Blue.

By prioritizing personalization and infusing biophilic design principles, Bespoke Co. redefines the concept of outdoor workspaces. It creates an empowering environment that supports the diverse requirements of modern professionals while strengthening their bond with the natural world.


Hier. co-working offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution to the challenges posed by rising energy prices. This shared workspace environment promotes energy efficiency, provides flexible workspace options, facilitates professional networking, and grants access to essential amenities.

The collaborative atmosphere encourages coworking members to share knowledge, foster a sense of community, and exchange ideas. Hier. aims to connect like-minded individuals and businesses to promote sustainable practices and collectively reduce their energy footprint.

Indoor plants connect the built environment to nature, reminding us of the natural world and bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Located in the scenic heart of Belgium, Hier. seamlessly integrates outdoor spaces, sustainable design, and a profound commitment to biophilic principles. Drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of the surrounding countryside, Hier. creates a workspace that is deeply aligned with nature.

Fermob Bistro setting with Ribambelle extending table and Luxembourg chairs in office courtyard

The courtyard's design is versatile with movable furniture and flexible zoning for easy transformation. It includes the Fermob Bistro folding range in Ice Mint and a combination of Ribambelle, Luxembourg and Bellevie collections.

The incorporation of natural materials, abundant greenery, and ample natural light transforms Hier. into a tranquil and inspiring environment that engages the senses. However, what truly sets Hier. apart is its unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility, achieved through sustainable practices guided by biophilic design principles.

Fermob Ribambelle table with Luxembourg chairs and Bellevie bench in office courtyard

Biophilic design maximizes natural light entry, promoting well-being and mood. Larger aliminium pieces, like the Ribambelle extending table, are lightweight and easy to move compare to concrete or steel. 

Energy-efficient systems, recycling initiatives, and natural ventilation are just some examples of Heir’s commitment to minimizing its ecological footprint. This unique project serves as a testament to the transformative power of embracing outdoor environments and biophilic design in the workplace. By immersing employees in a natural setting and employing biophilic design principles, Hier. enhances well-being, stimulates creativity, and nurtures a profound connection with the natural world.

By incorporating biophilic design principles, organizations can create workplaces that promote social interaction, collaboration, and a sense of community.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, the significance of reconnecting with nature has become paramount. As individuals spend significant amounts of time in office settings, there is a growing understanding of the need to incorporate nature into work environments. Biophilic design offers an innovative approach that seamlessly integrates natural elements, creating harmonious workspaces that honour the vital connection between humans and the natural world.

These projects prioritise creativity, collaboration, and well-being, while exemplifying a profound connection with nature and sustainable practices. In this article, we have explored three exceptional projects—each presenting a unique and transformative approach to incorporating biophilic design within workspaces. By embracing biophilic design, these projects redefine traditional workspaces and offer dynamic environments that inspire and rejuvenate. They demonstrate the fusion of art, work, and nature, revolutionizing the daily experience of professionals.

Incorporating biophilic design principles not only enhances productivity and well-being but also fosters social interaction, collaboration, and a sense of community.

By recognizing the profound impact of nature on our lives, these projects create workspaces that nourish and support the human spirit.