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Lighting FAQ

Lighting temperature, lumen? What does it all mean, and how to interperet the Fermob lighting features

Cactus Aplo Lamp being placed into a Magnetic Base

All Fermob lamps are LED lamps. Described against each product is information about it's features, capabailities, and use. Use our FAQ to make sense of it, and get in touch with us if you'd like some advice!

How do I charge the light? How long does it take to charge?

Most of Fermobs lamps are recharged via a USB cable. The cable is supplied but you will need your own charger. The charger can be any standard charger with a USB-A plug (such as your phone charger). The charging time varies depending on the size of the lamp, the smallest recharge in 3 hours while the larger lamps take 7 hours.

The Mooon! 63cm and 134cm lamps and the Inoui Illuminted Stool are supplied with a 230v charging base.

How long will the battery last?

This is specified by "Battery Life" which you will see on the specification for each lamp. On average it is going to be 8+ hours - plenty for an evening! It depends on what light intensity you have the lamp on. e.g. if you have it on 50% brightness, it will last nearly twice as long.

What is lighting temperature?

Also known as the lighting colour. Each lamp will have its colour temperature noted in K (Kelvin) on it's specifications. e.g. 6000k. This measures the colour temperature of the light.

You can alter the colour temperature to create the right lighting mood. Warm white (2,700 to 3,300°K) creates a comfortable mood that’s perfect for relaxing. Neutral white (4,200 to 4,500°K) is more soothing and energising. Cool white (5,500 to 6,500°K) is closest to natural daylight, with a slightly blue hue that boosts focus and concentration

All lamps have at least two colour temperatures and Smart Lighting lamps can be set at any value in a range.

How bright is the light? Lumen (Lm)

The measure of brightness of the light is it's Luminous flux (Lumen). It's the most commonly used indicator of the total amount of light emitted by a light source in all directions as percieved by the human eye.

Each lamp has it's Lumen noted in it's specifications (e.g. 200Lm). All the lights have an adjustable brightness which is either stepped (e.g. 50% or 100% for Balad), or on a scale (10% - 100% for Mooon)

What is the lifespan of the battery?

This is specified by "battery use cycles" which you will see on the specification for each lamp. On average, Fermob lights vary between 300 and 500 cycles of use per battery.

A use cycle includes a complete discharge and recharge of the battery (if the battery is discharged to 50% and then recharged to 100%, this is equivalent to 1/2 cycles).

The battery’s capacity gradually decreases with the use of the light. This is the same as batteries in your phone etc. It is specified by "battery use cycles" which you will see on the specification for each lamp.

The battery unit is also replaceable as a spare part which we can supply.

Can I leave my lamp outside?

Yes. They will be fine if they get rained on or hit with the hose. All of Fermob's lamps have an IP44+ rating which means they are protected from water sprayed on them and rain and are 100% waterproof.

But we would recommend for longevity that you don't leave them outside for weeks in the winter and in the rain. Move them under cover or stow them inside.

Note they won't stand immersion, so don't take them swimming!

Can I use my Lamp indoors?

Of course! Fermob lamps have a great build quality and finish and also make beautiful indoor lights.

You can also keep the lamp plugged in most of the time if you wish. There is a bypass circuit that cuts the battery out of the loop when it is fully charged.

What does the Fermob Smart Lighting do?

Some lamps are "Smart Lighting" lamps. This means they are Bluetooth enabled. You can control them from the Fermob app on your phone, or from the Ludo Smart Switch which you also configure on your phone to control one or more lights.

Using the app or Ludo, you can turn lamps on/off, adjust the brightness, adjust the colour temperature, or save "moods".

Read more at Smart Lighting.

How do I look after my Lamp and what is the warranty?

The lamps are warranted for 2 years domestic use, and 1 year commercial. They are quality products that require a few use and storage precautions to extend their life to the maximum. See our section for more.

Can the Light be repaired?

Yes. Fermob considers the design of its lighting products to make them easier to disassemble and to extend their life span.

Several components can be replaced on most lamps, such as the battery and the LED lamp. These items are covered within the warranty period. Contact Us and we can supply the parts for repair, or bring in your lamp and we can repair for you.