Cafe Style Furniture

A furniture selection ideal for small outdoor spaces - be it a cafe, restaurant, or your home. All commercially rated, Fermob's cafe settings are found around the world

Folding cafe furniture at Grand Hotel Dieu in Lyon

Bistro Collection

Originally developed in 1889, Fermob's bistro garden furniture continues to delight today. With folding chairs and many table sizes in 24 vibrant colours, its typically French style has won fans the world over

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Opera+ Collection

Opéra+ is a timeless, neo-romantic collection from Fermob – and an absolute must-have! Notice something familiar about it? Perhaps it reminds you of your grandparents’ garden table – that piece of furniture that’s stood the test of time and been the focus of family get together's over the years.

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Lorette Collection

The Lorette collection, blending resort style with iconic garden furniture, is the latest creative collaboration between designer Frédéric Sofia and Fermob.

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Cafe Style Inspiration


Colours: Opaline Green

Fermob Basket High Planter in French courtyard

Featuring: Basket High Planter

Colours: Capucine