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Lighting Care

Fermobs lighting products are easy care quality products. Keep the following in mind these use and storage precautions to extend their life to the maximum

To keep your Fermob lamp in the best possible condition, follow these instructions for use and maintenance. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about how to care for your lamp.

If you spot any problems - contact us early so we have the best opportunity to resolve it for you.

Cleaning your lamps

Cleaning the lamps is a straightforward process. If your lamp has become dirty, follow these steps:

Be aware of areas in which cleaning products can be trapped, leading to further damage.

Cleaning dont's!

Daily use

Fermob lights are quality products that require a few use and storage precautions in order to preserve all their properties and thus extend their life to the maximum.

A battery's lifespan depends on several factors:

Winter or long term storage

All of Fermob's lamps have an IP44+ rating which means they are protected from water and dirt ingress. But we'd recommend for longevity that you don't leave them outside for weeks in the winter in the rain. Move them under cover or stow them inside.

If you are going to store your lamp for a long time, give it a clean first. Store it with it's battery partially charged, in a dry, well-ventilated spot, sheltered from direct sunlight

Spare parts

Fermob considers the design of its lighting products to make them easier to disassemble and to extend their life span. Several components can now be replaced.

Each package is marked with repairability symbols indicating the type of disassembly (requiring a professional or able to be completed by user) and specifying the type of repairability (light source and/or control unit).

Contact Us for information on spare parts.


We'd encourage you to Contact Us if you have any questions about the cleaning or maintenance of your lamps.