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We believe that outdoor furniture can be smart, bold and make a statement. Thoughtful design and colour can enhance the joy of conversation, eating, and spending time outdoors with friends and family

In our fast-paced world, reconnecting with nature is vital. With people spending substantial time in office settings, the need to incorporate nature into work environments is recognised

Embracing Biophilic Design

Transforming Workspaces with Nature. In the midst of a remarkable shift in the concept of workspaces, a wave of innovative projects is emerging. Read 

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Transforming Public Spaces

Where would we be without parks and gardens? Our children play in them. Lovers stroll through them hand in hand. We sit down in them to read a good book. They’re places where we spend quality time. Read 

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Lively Tapas restaurant, Monsieur Georges conveys it's personality for passersby to see. Image via @monsieur_georges_tlse

Your Brand On The Pavement

Translating a hospitality brand into reality is an exercise in layering elements in such a way that there can be no doubt who your brand speaks to and what it's trying to convey. Read 

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Luxembourg Lounge armchair in Acapulco Blue paired with the Luxembourg Kid table as a coffee table.

The Inspired and Re-energised Outdoor Workplace

Take the office outside with Fermob! Read 

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A new size for the Calvi table collection and a brand new chair collection.

Fresh Ideas from Fermob

Some wonderful new additions join the Fermob collections this season. Read 

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Man stands next to pool and two sun loungers

Don't Miss Out - Order Now for Spring

Hello Spring, we're ready for you! Read 

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Harmonious blends - A refresh on colour

Let’s talk about colour. Styling tips and inspiration for Summer 2021! Read 

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Luxembourg - The History

Luxembourg - its style is an emblem of French design – an expression of French culture in furniture form! Read 

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New Outdoor Furniture Colours for 2020 from Fermob at Jardin NZ

Colour Speaks to our Senses

Discover the tastes that echo the new Fermob pastel colours. Read 

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Fermob outdoor casual seating in dark colours dappled shade on a deck

Rethinking Neutral

Neutrals are breaking free from the constraints of white, grey and beige. Read 

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Aerial shot of Fermob Ultrasofa outdoor coffee table in Frosted Lemon

An Array of New Possibilities For 2020!

New Colours, New Collections, And New Variations For 2020 Read 

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Fermob Bistro Deck Chair in Deep Blue sitting in a vineyard setting

Simple Tips for Autumn

Quick, simple tips to stretch out the summer vibes and banish those cooped up winter feels as long as we can. Read 

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Fermob Colours for 2020 season at Jardin. Clay Grey, Ice Mint, and Frosted Lemon

Pastel, Pastel, Pastel

Fermob has introduced 3 new colours with a firm leaning towards pastel. Clay grey, Ice mint and Frosted lemon set the tone for garden trends. Read 

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Fermob People Outdoor Furniture - Maryse photographed by Tom Watson

Using Colour Outdoors

Your outdoor living will ideally be a place that is driven by some kind of “big idea” that makes it an original expression of you. Read 

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Focus on: Bellevie Dining Range

This contemporary dining collection continues to expand, delighting Fermob fans the world over with each new addition. Read 

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Day of Personalities - Bernard Reybier

Meet Bernard Reybier - founder of the Fermob brand. Read 

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Day of Personalities - Georges Dubeouf

Meet the King of Beaujolais. Read 

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Day of Personalities - Georges Blanc

"I wanted my terrace, like my cooking to represent modern French art de vivre." Read 

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A pair of trees is all you need to create an outdoor room!

Creating Outdoor Rooms

We create outdoor rooms for very much the same reasons as we have indoor ones Read 

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Winter Planning for your Garden

Now the weather is cooling and the days are shorter, it’s a good time to have a good look at your outdoor spaces and see if there is anything that you’d like to change for this summer. Read 

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The beautiful artwork created for Fermob by <a href=''>Leona Rose</a>.

Maison & Objet Paris - Sept 2018

New colours, new collections, new products - discover it all! Read 

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A Fresh Combination with Cactus

Green is definitely the new black! And the bonus is that green goes with everything. Read 

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Paprika - so many options with this warm, earthy tone.

Clearance Colour Inspo

Clearance colours - make the most of significant discounts! We have come up with a few fabulous colour combinations to get you started. Read 

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Fermob Ambassador - Sandra

"The Fermob furniture has in its range the timeless pieces of quality that I lacked to give style to our inner courtyard!" - Sandra Read 

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