Quick, simple tips to stretch out the summer vibes and banish those cooped up winter feels as long as we can.

There is only one way to shorten the winter season and that is to get outside and make the most of autumn and spring. I have a few quick tips for you to stretch out the summer vibes for as long as possible.

Find the Sun

Autumn has rolled in and the sun is no longer where it was. What was a lovely sunny spot for morning coffee may no longer be so.

Have a think about rearranging your furniture so that it suits the location of the autumn sun. Think about when you are most likely to sit outside and where the sun is at that time.

Fermob La Mome folding chairs and Caractere large folding outdoor table on a paved terrace

The Caractere folding table is perfect for moving around the garden to follow the sun.

For us, at the moment, it’s family lunches and our main outdoor table was in the shade at lunchtime. I didn’t actually need to move it far – turning it around 90 degrees and moving it about one metre over to the corner of the patio and now it’s the perfect spot to enjoy lunch outside whenever the sun is out.

Add a Reminder

Anyone need a reminder to get outside? The best reminders are visual – put a piece of furniture, or a small setting, somewhere that you can see it from the kitchen or living rooms. Instant reminder to head outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

Looking outside through French doors at woman siting on Fermob chair

Placing furniture where you can see it will draw you out.

This furniture doesn’t need to be in your favourite spot – it’s a breadcrumb, once you get out there you’ll carry on to enjoy that perfect sunny setting.

Squash the Objections

Too dark or too cold? Now is the time that outdoor accessories come into their own.

Woman at night on outdoor sofa with magazine

Make it easy to enjoy evenings outdoors in autumn and spring.

A basket of blankets by the door and an outdoor lamp squashes any objections you may have had about taking your early evening aperitif outdoors!

Winter is coming, it will be cold and wet. Your days outside in the sun are number – make the most of them!