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Fermob has a long history of collaboration with renowned designers that give the brand its spirit. This free rein to creativity is expressed each season in the new collections and is evidenced by the number of collections that have become icons

A group of Kate armchairs by Fermob

Good design contributes immeasurably to our quality of life. It is through partnerships with professional designers from all backgrounds that the language of good design is evident in all Fermob products. Over 20 different designers have enjoyed partnerships with Fermob in recent times, some are well known in the world of design while others are up and coming with fresh ideas and influences!

Fermob's most prolific collabaration was with the late Pascal Mourgue, a total of 19 products across 8 different collections resulted from this partnership. While an equally formative partnership has grown with Fredric Sofia, creator of the iconic Luxembourg collection which alone encompasses 18 products, and has resulted in 3 unique collections. Discover a little more about the designers below:

Studio Fermob

1900 Collection, Acrobate Collection, Adada Collection, Adadesk Collection, Alto Collection, Bellevie Lounge Collection, Bistro Collection, Bouquet Sauvage Collection, Caractère Collection, Cocotte Collection, Colour Mix Collection, Envie d'Ailleurs Collection, Floréal Collection, Guinguette Collection, Inouï Collection, Ios Collection, Itac Collection, Les Basics Collection, Lorette Collection, Opera+ Collection, Oto Lamp Collection, Oulala Collection, Picolino Collection, Quiberon Collection, Ribambelle Collection, Romane Table Collection, Shadoo Parasol Collection, Sixties Collection, Somerset Collection, Ulli Collection

Fermob’s talented in-house design team are responsible for many of the iconic designs in the range as well as new favourites which are sure to become Fermob classics

Bistro chair - In 1989 when Bernard Reybier took over the reins of the company the bistro chair was a small range of chairs with wooden slats. Bernard has brought a lot more colour to the design by making the seat and back of steel, rather than wood.

The Bistro range now totals 18 pieces of many sizes and shapes, including tables and even a matching deck chair. The bistro chair was introduced in 1889 and has now celebrated it’s 130th birthday!

Pagnon and Pelhaître

Bellevie Lounge Collection, Bellevie Dining Collection

(France) In 1980 French-born Patrick Pagnon and Claude Pelhaître created their own design agency: Pagnon & Pelhaître Design, specializing in furniture and architecture. "We want to create milestones, signs and products with those involved in economic and cultural life. We love shapes and especially the ambition that drives them. Our specialty is design and architecture: creating a number of products that generate the image of changes in lifestyles." Our projects are put together with the aim of imposing contemporary shapes that are constantly evolving, made with precision and quality." This is their vision of design.

Tristan Lohner

Aplô Lamp Collection, Balad Lamp Collection, Bebop Collection, Mooon! Lamp Collection, Piapolo Collection, Rest'o, Studie Collection

(France) Tristan Lohner began his career with an Arts & Crafts certificate in cabinetmaking, then he attended the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, where he took classes in product design.
He heads up numerous global development projects for residences and high-end hotels.
Tristan Lohner is currently director of the RBC Design Center, a 2,500 square meter concept store devoted entirely to design,and designed by Jean Nouvel. He also continues to practice design.
Tristan works regularly with FERMOB, in particular on projects having received the Etoile du Design and the Red Dot Design Award

Frédéric Sofia

Airloop Collection, Lorette Collection, Luxembourg Collection, Sixties Collection, Ultrasofa Collection

(France) Luxembourg was originally manufactured in steel for the famous Parisian parks – Jardin de Luxembourg and Jardin des Tuileries. In 2003, Fermob commissioned Frederic Sofia to re-design the legendary chair to give it a more contemporary edge. Frederic’s updates include the comfortable curved slats and new armrests It’s also now made in aluminium rather than steel and there are new models too – now more than 20 in total. Luxembourg is protected by a world-wide patent.

Pascal Mourgue

Accroche Collection, Alfred Collection, Alize Collection, Croisette Collection, Dune Collection, Latitude Collection, Plein Air Collection

(France) Pascal has worked as an industrial designer for the last 25 years, preferring to stay out of the media spotlight. His products reflect a constant desire for modernity and simplicity, functionality and aesthetics.
He also works as a sculptor and has put on a number of exhibitions of his pieces worldwide.

Harald Guggenbichler

Flower Collection, Origami Collection, Surprising Collection

(Austria) Guggenbichler Design is a husband and wife team: Harald and Heike Guggenbichler. Austrian-born Harald is both a carpenter and a qualified designer. Although he specialises in furniture, he also designs lights and other everyday objects. He has produced pieces for Tonon and Cassina, among others.
Through his years of experience as a designer, and his particular taste for materials, functionality and aesthetics, he has developed a more poetic and philosophical view of design: going back to basics with a hint of the poetic and plenty of joie de vivre.
Heike studied marketing and advertising and is involved in developing and promoting the couple’s company, GuggenbichlerDesign.

Antoine Lesur

Calvi & Cadiz Collections

(France) Armed with ten years of experience in design agencies, Antoine Lesur created his own design studio in 2012. His work is sensitive and technical, exploring multiple disciplines while continually questioning the role and impact of design in our lives. He has progressively made environmental causes and especially eco-design, the pillars of his creative process, so that design can continue to tell beautiful and lasting stories.


Rhythmic Collection, Terrazza Planter Collection

(Italy) Archirivolto Design has been making beautiful designs accessible since it was founded in the province of Siena in 1983, by Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli. It started life as a small business that dealt with architecture, interior design and furniture sales, thanks to the close link with the local Italian manufacturers. Work in the industrial design sector developed, an interest that has carried on with a passion for the world of furniture. Archivolto specialize in the design of seating – from chairs to sofas, from stools to office and outdoor seating.

Patrick Jouin

Facto Collection, Kate Collection

(France) Patrick is brimming with industrial expertise, having studied both science and painting. He is equally fascinated by both medicine and design. His work focuses on both the body and the object which, in design, come together as one.

Terence Conran

Kintbury Collection

(United Kingdom) Sir Terence Conran is one of the world’s best-known designers, restaurateurs and retailers.
He founded the Habitat chain of home furnishings stores that revolutionised the UK High Street in the 1960s and 1970s by bringing intelligent, modern design within reach of the general population.
Today as Chairman of the Conran Group, who work on major projects worldwide. Sir Terence founded the Design Museum in London. He has written more than 50 books, selling over 30 million copies worldwide. His hope is that he has helped to educate and raise awareness of the importance of design in our lives.
“People don’t know what they want until you show them”, is something Terence Conran has said on more than one occasion. As a furniture creator and producer, he has brought his creative talent to life in numerous collections. He has now lent his eye and design sensibilities to Fermob by designing ‘Kintbury’, his new range. In some ways it’s hardly a surprising collaboration since, by his own admission, his garden is one of his favourite places, where he comes to relax, dream and find inspiration.
“I greatly respect Fermob’s eye for detail which I have enjoyed combining with my rigorous approach to design. Well-designed furniture is pleasing to look at and comfortable to use, and will give you many years of long-lasting service and pleasure.

Fabio Meliota

Basket Planter Collection

(Italy) Fabio Meliota is a designer originally studied. He founded eF / eM in Rome in 2012 and three years later moved his studio to Genoa where he currently lives. The hallmark and characteristic of his projects is the versatile and explicit linearity. He is always looking for discreet, elegant, practical designs with simple details but clever spirit.

Jean Charles de Castelbajac’s

Ange Collection

Goula & Figuera

Salsa Collection

(Spain) Pablo Figuera and Álvaro Goula are design graduates from Elisava (Barcelona) and Bachelor of Arts by the University of Southampton. After working for a few design studios, in 2012 they set up Goula / Figuera.
Since then, their work has been in the middle point between conceptual and commercial design, where the industry values and the creativity converge and feed back each other. When designing, Pablo and Álvaro hold from the beginning to an undeniable principle: the obsessive care about the object’s shape, which expresses aesthetic values through its material, the respect for the fabrication process and, of course, usefulness. Their works expect to be elegant and easy to understand, but always running away from funny references and superficial decoration.

Olivier Gence

La Môme Collection

(France) Olivier is an industrial design graduate from the ENSAAMA design school, and holds a Masters in Design Strategies. He now wields his creative talent for Sismo, a Paris-base innovation and design experience agency. His design work is characterised by its surprising, pragmatic, and empathetic aspects, and its focus on what really matters. He is equally comfortable working on industrial projects and publishing design, from furniture to high-tech, not to mention as a design consultant for companies with a thirst for innovation


Hoopik Collection

Born into a family of aeronautical pioneers and inventors, Joseph Mazoyer has a strong taste for innovation and a global vision. With his agency DO - Design Office, which he founded in 1995, Mazoyer works in numerous areas of industrial design and lighting, as well as smart devices for the home, household equipment, and personal development products, including toys, sports equipment, and health devices.

The DO team is passionate about industrial design. Each and every day, they step into our living environment of tomorrow to create—alongside their industrial and business partners—a more sustainable and appealing way of living.