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Furniture Care

Fermobs furniture products are easy care quality products. Keep the following in mind these use and storage precautions to extend their life to the maximum

Family enjoying lunch at Fermob Bistro rectangle table

To keep your Fermob furniture in the best possible condition, please follow these instructions for use and maintenance. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about how to care for your furniture.

If you spot any problems - please contact us early so we have the best opportunity to resolve it for you.

Unpacking your furniture

Deliveries outside of Auckland will be in cartons. Please check cartons carefully on delivery and raise any packaging damage with the driver on site and notify us ASAP with photos. Unpack the product from it's carton as soon as practicable. Retain all packaging until you have checked and/or assembled your furniture.

Take care when unboxing your furniture so as not to damage it. For example, you want to avoid marks from knives or scissors. Some tables will need to be placed upside down to assemble. You can use the carton to protect the table top from the ground or other debris.

Check for any knocks on delivery or scratches in the paint. Finding them now stops them becoming a problem in the future and lets us resolve any issues with delivery companies.

Assembling your furniture

Some larger pieces of furniture are flatpacked and require assembly. Tools & instructions are provided in the box. Assembly is sraightforward, but take care and please Contact Us with any questions or diffuculties with assembly.

Make sure you put the feet on if they aren’t already installed.

Living with your furniture

Fermob furniture is easy care. The design + material + surface treatments allow Fermob furniture to be left outside. A couple of things to keep in mind:

Cleaning your furniture

Metal Surfaces

Generally your furniture will just need a wipe down with a soft cloth. Give your furniture a clean more frequently in places with high humidity and in salty environments near the sea. This may be as simple as a hose off (garden hose only, not high pressure equipment), or a wash down with soapy water and a soft sponge. Wipe off with a microfibre cloth to prevent limescale marks.

Give items a wipe off if there are leaves or bird droppings on it.

Use cleaning as an opportunity to inspect the furniture and see if any maintenance is required.


Fermob Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Fermob have formulated a mild multi purpose cleaner it recommends for it's furniture. It is effective on metal (aluminium or painted steel), Outdoor Technical Fabric and weaves. Do not use on teak.

Please Contact Us to purchase the cleaner.


Cleaning dont's!



Water spots

When the furniture is wet and dries off quickly in the sun, you may see water marks on flat painted surfaces (such as the table top). Don’t be concerned. This occurs where droplets or pools of water have evaporated and left a ring around the outside (like washing your car in the sun).

We sometimes find it reported in spring when it alternates from sun to rain a few times in the day.

We have found that after a week or so, they fade and disappear. It is something to do with the surface tension on the paint and elements left over after evaporation. Tilting the table (see below) will stop it happening if you are particularly concerned. Or you could choose to wipe the table down with a microfibre cloth after each rain.

In extreme cases, a heat gun will remove the marks.

To help water drain off large flat table tops (such as Bellevie and Ribambelle), a wedge under one leg is a good idea when not using it. Many Fermob tables come with this wedge, or you can use a small piece of wood or tile. Chairs can also be rested against the table on an angle. We don’t recommend stacking chairs upside down on tables as it may mark the table, and more water is likely to get trapped.


Cleaning cushions

All Fermob fabrics are designed to be outdoors and are resistant to stains, mould, and mildew. Having said that, giving them a regular clean is a good idea.

You can clean your cushions in place on the furniture (e.g. Bellevie Lounge, 1900):

It is also possible to remove the cushion cover and wash them:




Weaves are used on the Sixties and Croisette ranges. Any cleaning is very simple and similar to the metal surfaces.



Outdoor technical fabric (OTF) / mesh

OTF is the mesh fabric used in chair seats and backs (e.g. Alize Sunloungers, Dune chairs, and Cadiz chairs). Again, cleaning is very simple and similar to the metal surfaces.

Furniture that features OTF should be protected from sharp objects or sources of heat such as cigarettes.




The teak on your furniture will turn grey over time. If you would like to get it back to it's original colour by folloring these steps:

It is also possible to use a degreasing product, which is more agressive to the wood and is therefore not recommended as an initial approach.

Note the slats of the Natural Bistro Chair are not made of teak but of beech. These are treated with Textrol® to protect it from the weather. If you would like to repeat this process, a wood protector can be applied with prior application of a wood cleaner if necessary.


Furniture covers

Covers aren't necessary, but Fermob does produce covers for some of their ranges. These are breathable and keep dirt and dust off while still providing good ventilation. They fix neatly around the furniture. Don't use a non breathable cover such as tarpaulan.

Storage checklist

A lot of Fermob European & North American customers will store their furniture over winter. We haven’t found this to be necessary in NZ, but if you do, remember these things:

What it does do though is help remember to give a clean up before storing, and freshen up in the spring time. So it’s a good routine to follow.



We'd encourage you to Contact Us if you have any questions about how to clean your furniture.