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Patrick the Creative Director

A British-inspired dandy, with charisma and character to spare!

Creative director Patrick relaxes with his pets in his flower-lined garden on a July morning. He gives us a sneak peek into life’s simple pleasures – good taste, great style and fuss-free harmony.

Having spent his life in the luxury goods trade in Paris, Patrick has wanted another kind of life, moving to the French countryside and adopting hens, donkeys and dogs. His good taste and sophistication followed him to his new home, of course; but this new home was a way to express his craving for the simple life, his desire to live differently.

Beyond its mere appearance, Patrick’s house reflects the unique journey of a larger-than-life character. It tells the story of a life well lived, filled with incredible experiences and amazing successes. There’s a definite sense of joie de vivre which threads its way through Patrick’s flower-filled garden, with his Fermob furniture and his pets.

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